Corporate Finance

Sandeep Agrawal & Associates corporate finance services focus on non-listed companies and small cap listed companies. De-minor offers a fully comprehensive service, helping its clients to tackle the various complex problems that they may face as minority shareholders. From analyzing the client's legal and financial position to negotiating a complex corporate finance transaction, we always use a hands-on and result oriented approach. Sandeep Agrawal & Associates offers a one-stop service to minority shareholders of private companies and small cap listed companies. Shareholders of such companies frequently need advice to better understand the company's financial, legal and governance structure, or to improve the return and liquidity of their investment. Problems can occur when succession takes place in a family, when private or professional shareholders wish to exit or when a transaction such as a merger or takeover is proposed by the management. Minority shareholders may also be dissatisfied about their company's governance structure or lack of shareholder value creation.

 We provide following services:

  • Business and shares valuation,
  • Legal advice regarding the minority shareholder's situation,
  • Negotiation of shareholder agreements,
  • Negotiation of a sale/acquisition of shares, or other corporate finance transactions such as mergers, takeovers,restructurings,
  • Implement changes in the shareholders' and governance structure,
  • Succession planning and other family arrangements,
  • Shareholder restructuring,
  • Conflict resolution, including negotiating and drafting settlements,
  • Non-executive directorships and supervision,
  • Post-transaction follow-up.
We offer a complete range of service from the simple task of depositing your interest/dividend warrants in your account to preparing your accounts, filing tax returns and obtaining permission/clearances, advice on your investments and portfolio advisory services. All this is done by keeping you well informed on a daily basis through the Internet. In short, you are in control of your activities in India without having to be here. Receive statements, reports, accounts and any other information daily.